African Mango: What to Know About Irvingia Gabonensis

Common Name(s): African mango , African wild mango , irvingia , dika ( dikanut , dikabread tree ), odika , ogbono , sweet bush mango , bush mango , iba-tree

African Mango ExtractsAfrican mango seems to be the talk of the town these days. Where more and more people are trying the fruit for weight loss, others are still waiting for more research on this so called ‘super-fruit’.

Also known as Irvingia gabonensis, African mango is said to aid in weight loss. The fruit is no different to a typical mango we consume, however, is pretty much in the limelight these days.

To help our readers know more about this fruit, whether or not it actually helps in weight cutting, what researches say about it, we have come up with our findings!

But before we start, let me tell you that African Mango is also known as:

  • Wild Mango.
  • Bush Mango.

The extract of this super fruit that is believed to aid in weight cutting is known as IGOB131.

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What Research says:

slow metabolism

Even though, research is done on IGOB131, the extract derived from the seeds of this fruit, yet, extensive research is yet to be conducted on its effectiveness. The extract is what used in the supplements that aim to lose weight, nowadays.

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A study conducted in the previous decade resulted in stating the super fruit effective to some level. It included a sample of 40 people all with unhealthy weight. Half of these were asked to take 3.15g of Iryingia gabonensis while the others were given a placebo. These individuals were also asked to follow a diet low in fats. See Rick Ross Weight Loss

People who used IG managed to shed 5.6% of their entire body weight whereas the other group cut 1% of their total weight, on an average. There was no drastic change observed in the body fat of both the groups. In addition to the results of study, it was also noticed that the systolic blood pressure was dropped by 4 points. However, it can be said that the changes in blood pressure may have been due to the cutting in weight. Whether or not IG has led to the drop cannot be said.

Another study that was based on 10 weeks sampled 102 individuals all with excessive weight. Same way, the sampled was divided into two groups where 1 was given 350mg of IG whereas the other was given placebo.

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Doctor's weight loss researchThe group that was taking IG was noticed to experience a drop in their body fat percentage, weight. Their waist circumference was also witnessed to be reduced, to a considerable point.

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On an average, the first group, that is the IG one shed 28lbs as compared to the other group that lost around a pound!

Not just this, Creactive protein, blood glucose and cholesterol levels were also witnessed to be reduced in the ones who took the extracts of IG. This shows that the extract can help reduce weight that would also result in lowering your blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

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Of course, as weight gain is considered to be the mother of several health problems, likewise, losing weight is one proven way to prevent yourself from these! Besides, IG extracts also includes soluble fiber that may have impact their cholesterol.

Another study conducted in the recent times revealed that IG can increase the making of adiponectin, in mouse. According to the research, the protein holds anti inflammatory powers and can reduce the likelihood of heart problems.

The study further revealed that IG affected the development of fat cells significantly.

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Further studies on African mango:

According to a study, the extracts of IG can lower the concentration of leptin in the body. So, what is leptin and what role does it plays in weight loss, lets get to know!

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It is a hormone that is created with the fat cells. Leptin has a direct relation with hunger. While the concentration of leptin tends to increase, you feel less urge to eat. That is, your appetite tends to reduce automatically. On the contrary, LDD Liquid Diet Drops when the concentration of leptin decreases, you feel more hungry and crave for food more often.

So, how much your body has leptin can be determined by the amount of body fat you have.  The less body fat signifies low levels of leptin and vice versa. Now you may be wondering why obese and overweight individuals eat more, when their body tends to be higher in leptin. Well, the answer lies in the fact that majority people with unhealthy weight are leptin resistant. This means that they are insensitive to this protein and it cannot anything to stop them from eating more.

Since IG has proven to reduce the making of fat cells, thus, few use it to assist weight reduction. However, it is important to mention that less fat cells means low concentration of leptin in your body. In a case like this, you feel the urge to eat more!

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Is African mango effective in weight loss?

Weight loss diet goalsEven though, the amount of researches done on African mango is pretty less, yet, there are studies that affirm the fruit being effective to some level.

Though, even if African mango helps in cutting weight, it would take a minimum of 4 weeks for you to observe change.

A study revealed that consuming the extracts of IG, half an hour prior taking the meals can raise the likelihood of shedding weight!

Important considerations:


  1. As mentioned earlier, the extract from African mango by the named IGOB131 has been proven to assist weight loss. Thus, if you wish to benefit from African mango through supplementation, then you need to see the ‘quantity of IGOC131 ’, your supplement contains.

  2. Other extracts or the entire African mango does not hold the same level of powers like IGOC131. Thus, choose a supplement that only contains IGOC131. The mere extract has proven to assist weight loss to some level.

  3. Research says that 350mg-3g of IG, every day, is an ideal dosage. However, you can start with low dosages and gradually proceed to higher. However, if you wish to raise your likelihood of losing weight, that is your weight loss potentials, then you can simply follow a diet that is low in fat!

  4. If studies are to be believed, than African mangoes can lower your cholesterol levels. While few believe that the impact is due to the soluble fiber it contains, others believe that it is due to weight loss. So, whether it has a direct relation with your cholesterol levels or not, the fact is that it does help in reducing it!

  5. While taking African mangoes, whether or not exercise helps to improve your results is unknown. However, exercise, along with a low fat diet is proven to cut body fat considerably. How? Dieting can lower your metabolism, whereas exercises boost metabolism.

  6. As mentioned earlier, a study found that IG helped in reducing the levels of leptin in the body. Many researchers believe that leptin can aid in weight loss, simply by curbing your hunger. However, the question which arises here is that leptin enough to aid weight loss?

  7. Even though, no extreme or serious side effect has been reported or observed from the usage of IG. However, what effects it may lead to, when used with certain medications, is yet to be known!

If you wish to try African mangoes for you have heard much about its weight loss powers, than you can seek African mangoes, a supplement that is worth the try.

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Follow African Mango Diet Plan

However if you wish to double your weight loss results through Megatropin supplementation, then you need to ensure the following:

African Diet Weight Loss Before and After

  1. You follow a diet that is low in fat. Yes, since food contributes to weight gain, therefore, you need to ascertain that you are taking healthy foods. Remember, when it comes to weight loss, the quantity of food matters; however what matters the most is the quality of food. Saying this would not be wrong that healthy food is the key to healthy weight!Checkout dbol cycle To Build Rock-Hard Muscles in 4-Weeks.

  2. You workout, regularly. Working out not just helps to pace a slow metabolism, but is also beneficial in keeping your body active and fit.

  3. Take enough water. Like exercises, water also helps to expedite a sluggish metabolism. No matter whatsoever supplement you use for weight loss, you must keep your body hydrated throughout.

  4. Take proper sleep and rest. Remember, depriving yourself from quality sleep would not just affect your health, but will also reduce your chances of weight loss.

  5. Avoid stress to the greatest. As known, stress can hinder your way to weight loss. Thus, one should take measures to avoid or ease stress by all means.


Avoid use with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the components of African mango.

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